A strange series of creative endeavors


“The Brothers brothers” is an ongoing creative collaboration between Mark Neuenschwander (Joplin, MO) and Lance Schaubert (Brooklyn, NY). This collaboration is 9 years old and continually gains in momentum with projects ranging from small instagram experiments to full production scale projects.

This partnership is a challenge for us to continually top ourselves. We hope you’ll be entertained by this case study in what creativity can lead to in the context of collaboration.

  1. Cold Brewed   –the first photonovel
  2. the 1000 faces project   -a photography & acting challenge
  3. mini fairytale 1– personalized kids’ series- “Adara’s bookbrush”
  4. mini fairytale 2– personalized kids’ series- “The chicken steeper”
  5. the Joplin Undercurrent  -the 2nd photonovel
  6. the Bearing  -a resource for creative minds
  7. Bad Vinyl -a tumblr featuring short stories and terrible album covers
  8.        working title “the shooter”: the third photonovel [in pre-production]